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3D scan

3D data



High definition 3D


3D data market



Lead the world in 3D restoration systems


Productivity "BLUE xR" increases data production and builds the marketplace "BLUE Symphony".



With the progress of digitalization of the economy and society and the remarkable development of the world, it is possible that virtual space will become the norm within the next five years.

Among them, we believe that it is essential to disseminate "unique 3DCG data" that can be "things" and "memories" necessary for virtual space. In addition, we believe that a marketplace that promotes the sale and dissemination of "unique 3DCG data" is essential, and we will develop a "marketplace system" as a pioneer and lead a new world. increase.

3D restoration system


Generate a 3D model based on photographs and laser scan measurements. Incorporating a method that uses a system with a large number of cameras and sensors installed in the studio, 3D scanning is performed, and modeling is performed using photogrammetry software. After that, 3D content data (OBJ, MTL, JPG, etc.) is encrypted and NFTed to generate a secondary creation certificate, and the right to modify the data and use it for commercial purposes is guaranteed within the scope of the license and license information. Increased uniqueness of 3D unique data and sold on platform

BLUE Symphony

Aiming to be a marketplace for 3DCG data

Productivity "BLUE xR" increases data production and builds the marketplace "BLUE Symphony".

Increase data production and build marketplace "BLUE Symphony" with highly productive "BLUE xR"


Create "unique 3D computer graphics (3DCG) data" from "real" using a high-definition 3D scanning studio, and issue a secondary creation right certificate by NFT.
System development of "3DCG data marketplace".
We aim to store 3D data in encrypted form and develop sales on EC platforms, etc.

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